Advisory board

The N8 PRP Advisory Board constitutes a key element in our oversight and governance structure as well as playing a pivotal role in our external engagement. The board also helps to maximise the impact of our research and knowledge exchange activities.

The broad purpose of the Advisory Board is to act as a sounding board, and to advise on measures that ensure that the maximum national and international impact is achieved from the N8 Policing Research Partnership.

The advisory board aims / responsibilities are:

  1. To advise on general strategy for the project, in order for it to achieve its overall objectives; acting as a critical friend in relation to the overall shape, academic direction and relevance to policy and practice of the research and knowledge exchange programme.
  2. To encourage wider engagement by policing partners in the activities and opportunities for research co-production and knowledge exchange presented by the N8 PRP Catalyst grant.
  3. To support the project in its impact generating activities – offering advice on the development of the impact strategy; supporting the investment in engaging with key audiences and potential users of the research; offering pathways into user groups and relevant national and international stakeholders.
  4. To act as ambassadors on behalf of the N8 Policing Research Partnership, attending its key events and networking with key audiences.
  5. To advise the Director on any action to be taken on specific aspects of the work programme and the work of the different activity strands.
  6. To attend the annual Advisory Group meetings. Where members cannot physically attend, alternative facilities will be offered (e.g. tele- or videoconferencing, Skype). Members will also be invited to attend other key events and are encouraged to participate where appropriate.
  7. To engage, where relevant and practicable, with specific activity strands linked to members work and interests, in a voluntary capacity.


The Advisory Board comprises senior representatives from the policy, practice and research communities both nationally and internationally with links to, and expertise in, policing.

Current members are follows:

  • Professor Gloria Laycock (Chair), University College London
  • Dr Liz Aston, Scottish Institute for Policing Research, Napier University
  • Dr Stephen Brookes, The University of Manchester
  • Rebecca Bryant, Resolve ASB
  • Andrew Cooke, HMICFRS
  • Professor Adam Crawford, The University of Leeds, former Director of N8 PRP
  • Steve de Burgh, Institute of Community Safety
  • Geoff Elvey, Higher Education Forum for Learning & Development in Policing, Chester University
  • Andy Feist, Home Office
  • Martin Hewitt, National Police Chief’s Council
  • Matt Jennings, Office for Students
  • Professor Johannes Knutsson, Norwegian Police University College, Norway
  • Professor Lorraine Mazerolle, Institute of Social Science Research, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Professor Christian Mouhanna, CESDIP, France
  • Alex Murray, Society for Evidence Based Policing, West Midlands Police
  • Professor Mike Rowe, Northumbria University
  • Detlef Schroder, European Police College (CEPOL)
  • Professor Wesley Skogan, Institute for Policing Research, Northwestern University, USA
  • Rachel Tuffin, College of Policing
  • Professor Nicole Westmarland, Durham University