Human rights approach to football policing

Researcher: Martin Browne
Principal supervisor: Dr Geoff Pearson

Report expected Spring 2022. 

Football crowds pose a regular public order challenge to police forces in England and Wales, with a number of incidents of serious violence and disorder occurring each season. Football policing must have the capacity to respond to, and prevent, such incidents. However, there have been a number of instances where policing has been criticised as disproportionately restricting the rights of non-violent fans.

This project was developed in partnership with Greater Manchester Police who have the responsibility for regularly managing numerous large football events. The PhD student will work with GMP’s football policing unit and focus on the following:

  • The UK’s Human Rights framework, including European treaties and conventions, domestic legislation, case law, and legal and academic commentary.
  • Academic and policing literature, including Home Office and College of Policing guidelines, relating to POPS policing and the management of football crowds.
  • Academic literature on football crowd behaviour and disorder.