N8 universities produce world-renowned research, and the academics listed here are all actively working on contemporary questions in policing. If you’re looking for comment on a news story, or to commission research, the contacts below will get you to an expert opinion.

Media Enquiries

Please refer to the ‘Experts by Theme‘ list for contacts who will be able to comment their area of expertise in policing, or direct you to a more appropriate researcher in the field. 

Research and Evaluation Requests

If you are interested in commissioning research or an academic evaluation of a project, please refer to the ‘Experts by Theme‘ list for contacts who will be able to comment their area of expertise in policing, or direct you to a more appropriate researcher in the field. Alternatively, the Regional Lead will be able to direct you to an appropriate local researcher. If you are from an N8 PRP partner force, please ensure you also contact the N8 PRP police lead in your organisation. 

To get the best value from research and evaluation, an academic should be involved as early as possible in the project so the necessary data can be identified and gathered to a standard that allows for meaningful analysis. 

In your request, please give a brief summary of the project, the projected timeframes, and the expected deliverable from the researcher (e.g. a 4 page report). Once the broad details of the project are agreed, the researcher will then be able to request a costing from their finance department. 

Experts by Theme

Disproportionality Iyiola Solanke (Leeds)
Governance (Police & Crime Commissioners) Laura Bainbridge (Leeds)
Human Rights Geoff Pearson (Manchester)
Legitimacy Stuart Lister (Leeds)
Neighbourhood policing Stuart Lister (Leeds)
Social media and engagement  
Use of Force Geoff Pearson (Manchester)
Body-Worn Video Stuart Lister (Leeds)
Crime Trends and Crime Statistics Graham Farrell (Leeds)
Public Order & Crowds Geoff Pearson (Manchester)
Response Mike Rowe (Liverpool)
Stop and Search Mike Rowe (Liverpool), Stuart Lister (Leeds)
Arrest Geoff Pearson (Manchester)
Custody Layla Skinns (Sheffield)
Prosecutions Jill Clark (Newcastle)
Cybercrime/Digital Security Nick Lord (Manchester)
Drug Markets and County Lines Fiona Measham (Liverpool), Matt Bacon (Sheffield)
Organised Crime Xavier L’Hoiry (Sheffield)
People trafficking & modern slavery Rose Broad (Manchester)
Alcohol-related crime Laura Bainbridge (Leeds)
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) Kate Brown (York)
Child to Parent Violence Sam Lewis (Leeds)
Cybercrime/Online Harms Sophie Nightingale (Lancaster)
Domestic abuse Nicole Westmarland (Durham)
Drug Users Matt Bacon (Sheffield), Fiona Measham (Liverpool)
Hate Crime Dave Gadd (Manchester)
Honour-based violence Claire Fox (Manchester)
Safeguarding (Adult) Stephen MacDonald (Durham)
Sexual Offending Nicole Westmarland (Durham)
Sex Work Kate Brown (York) 
VAWAG Nicole Westmarland (Durham)
Violent Crime Eric Fletcher (Newcastle)
Vulnerability Lindsey Rice (Sheffield),  Layla Skinns (Sheffield)
Prisons Geoff Page (York),  Layla Skinns (Sheffield)
Restorative Justice Joanna Shapland (Sheffield)
Youth Justice Donna Marie Brown (Durham), Jill Clark (Newcastle)

Regional leads

Cheshire and Greater Manchester Geoff Pearson
Cleveland Donna Marie Brown
Cumbria and Lancashire Sophie Nightingale
Durham Nicole Westmarland
Humberside Matt Bacon
Merseyside Fiona Measham
Northumbria Jill Clark
North Yorkshire Geoff Page
South Yorkshire Joanna Shapland
West Yorkshire Stuart Lister