Small Grants

The annual Small Grant Awards fund innovative and collaborative projects that increase our understanding of policing and improve police practice.

The Small Grants Award is an open call providing pump-priming funds for research into targeted, high-priority areas of policing work, areas where the gaps in knowledge are most prominent, and where research benefits are of greatest value. They provide the flexibility to move swiftly in response to different areas of policing, new challenges, and pressing concerns.

Small Grants 2022/23


Small Grants 2021/22

2021/22 Awards

Funding for the 2021/22 Small Grants was announced on 15th Dec 2021. Projects are due to begin in Spring 2022 and will report in Spring 2023. 

Understanding and preventing ‘cuckoo’ victimisation

PI: Dr Laura Bainbridge (University of Leeds), Co-I: Professor Charlie Lloyd (University of York)

Organisational processes for data recording of Honour-Based Violence and Abuse, Forced Marriages and Female Genital Mutilation

PI: Dr Geetanjali Gangoli (University of Durham); Co-I: Dr Nikki D’Souza (Northumbria University)

Strategies for Disrupting High risk high harm Domestic Abuse

PI: Professor Barry Godfrey; Co-I: Professor Sandra Walklate (both University of Liverpool) 

Who is the victim? Identifying victims and perpetrators in coercive control cases

PI: Professor Sandra Walklate (University of Liverpool); Dr Charlotte Barlow (UCLAN)

Small Grants 2020/21

Upcoming Reports

Knife crime imagery and messaging: Effective intervention tools or ineffective sensitisers?
PI: Michael Parker, South Yorkshire Police
Report expected April 2022. 

Tackling the developing world of OCGs through a multiagency strategy.
PI: Chief Supt Darren Downs, Humberside Police
Report expected April 2022.

Policing domestic abuse within the context of the Covid-19 lockdown.
PI: Supt Shelley Hemsley, South Yorkshire Police
Report expected April 2022.


Small Grant reports