Knowledge exchange

People and knowledge exchange provides significant staff mobility and interaction between police/partner agencies and academics.

N8 PRP aims to foster greater mutual understanding and trust between the partners via people exchange, including secondments, internships, and placements, and also to facilitate research into priority policing issues.

Knowledge Exchange Internships

In 2021 funding for two internships was awarded to West Yorkshire Police. The interns will analyse communications with ‘hard to reach’ groups, overseen by Dr Kate Watkins, University of Leeds and Nigel Swift, Head of Corporate Communications, West Yorkshire Police. A report on the findings of the internship will be published late summer 2022.  

PhD Internship Scheme

Reconceptualising ‘Report to Court’ Trajectories: A Qualitative Study of Police Responses to Domestic Abuse.

A collaborative project between Durham University, Cumbria Constabulary and Northumbria Police. The  project sought to conceptualise and contextualise police responses to domestic abuse by tracking progression of cases in two forces from the point of first service contact through to charge decision stages. Research was undertaken by Dr Kelly Johnson and Professor Nicole Westmarland, Durham University.

For further reports from PhD thesis funded by N8 PRP, please see PhD Studentships. 

‘Report to Court’

Pilot staff exchange

Restorative Approaches to Organised Crime Groups

A collaborative project between Durham Constabulary and the University of Sheffield undertook an exploratory study on extending the use of restorative justice practices in new and innovative ways. The explored the views of key stakeholders concerning the feasibility of introducing restorative approaches in the context of organised crime offending. Research was undertaken by Dr Nikki D’Souza (then an officer with Durham Constabulary) and Dr Xavier L’Hoiry at Sheffield University. 

The Feasibility of Restorative Approaches for Serious and Organised Crime Offending

Can it be done safely?

Project Overview