Training and learning

N8 PRP will be offering a new programme of innovative CPD activities in the near future – please check back here throughout the year for updates.

Past programmes

Empowering Data Specialists in Policing

In 2018 and 2019, the N8 PRP’s Data Analytics and Training and Learning strands delivered an ambitious Continuous Professional Development programme to two cohorts from 11 North of England forces.  The programme sought to make a practical step towards the digital transformation of policing by providing a foundation in essential data science methods and emergent technologies in machine learning and predictive analytics. Two reports were produced, one evaluating the programme short after delivery and a second evaluating the impact of the programme a year later. Further work is planned in this area. 

2018: Programme Review

2019: Impact Evaluation & Monitoring


N8 PRP Training and Learning Research Project

The N8 PRP Training and Learning strand coordinated a research project on training and learning in order to identify best practices, current challenges, and future needs for policing partners. The project also investigated what resources are available through N8 academic partners and how beneficial partnerships between police and academics can be strengthened.

Research by Dr Cheryl Simmill-Binning at Lancaster University. Cheryl conducted interviews with N8 PRP police forces and used  the data generated to develop a survey on training and learning for wider dissemination in the N8 PRP police forces.

N8 PRP Training and Learning Research Project