PaCCs Archive

The Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS) ran from 2008-2021 at the University of Cambridge. PaCCs supported research to facilitate knowledge translation and research impact. In order to ensure the knowledge and evidence generated by PaCCs remains accessible following its closure, N8 PRP and others will host the research reports produced by PaCCs. 

Conflict and Security

Conflict and Security Archive

Kate Ferguson, Countering violent extremism through media and communication strategies: A review of the evidence, March 2016

Steve McCorriston, Scoping Study: Research Gaps ‘Conflict’, Nov 2014

James Giordan and Diane DiEuliis (eds.), White Paper on Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Underpinnings of ISIL Behaviour and Implications for Strategic Communication, Messaging, and Influence, May 2015

John Wolffe and Gavin Moorhead, Religion, Security and Global Uncertainties, 2013

Tim Edmunds, Dr Scott Edwards, Delivering UK maritime security after Brexit: time for a joined-up approach, March 2020

PaCCS Policy Briefings

  • Trust and the Prevent Duty
  • The governance of unmanned aerial vehicles in defence and security
  • Religion and contemporary security challenges
  • Social media and the armed forces

Crime Archive

Anna Sergi, Criminal Minds: Social science helps to tackle organised crime, January 2015

Anna Sergi, Mafiaround: Fighting Italian mafias outside of Italy, 2018

Anna Sergi, Requirements of the National Crime Agency, 2014

Georgios A. Antonopoulos, Counterfeiting: Nature of the business, actors and financial management, August 2018

Georgios A. Antonopoulos, The Financial Aspects of the Trade in Counterfeit Products: Findings and Policy Recommendations, Sept 2018

Nicholas Lord, Managing illicit finances using ‘Corporate Vehicles’, 2019

Gernot Klantschnig, Philippe Frowd, Elodie Apard, Exploring hidden narratives in the West African Tramadol trade and transport of migrants, June 2020

Kanchelli Iddrisu, Mapping the illicit e-waste trade between the UK and Ghana, 2021

Adam Baird, Understanding the connections between international drug trafficking and community gang violence in the Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, [no date]

David S. Wall, Understanding transnational organised crime: An academic research synthesis, 2018

Yongyu Zeng, Progress & Challenges in Tackling Modern Slavery in Local Government Supply Chains, 2022

Dr Christiana Gregoriou, The Representation of Transnational Human Trafficking in present-day News, True Crime and Fiction: Symposium Report, 2017

Juliana Semione, Preparing for Impact: How we can overcome barriers and cultivate a culture of collaboration, understanding, and respect to achieve impact on survivor support, July 2020

PaCCS Policy Briefings

  • Kevin Bales, Modern Slavery Meaning and Measurement: New Approaches, 2018
  • Understanding Transnational Organised Crime in the 21st Century, 2018
  • Mapping The Illicit E-Waste Trade Between the United Kingdom and Ghana, 2021
  • Yongyu Zeng, Progress & Challenges in Tackling Modern Slavery in Local Government Supply Chains, 2022
  • Maximising Impact from Serious Organised Crime Research, 2022


Global Uncertainties

Global Uncertainties Archive

Identity Management (IM) Future Threats and Opportunities Policy Seminar, June 2014

RCUK Global Uncertainties Impact Conference Report, 2014

Science and Cybersecurity

Science and Cybersecurity Archive

Jatinder Singh, A note on the UK cyber-security research landscape, December 2014

Ross Anderson et al, Measuring the Changing Cost of Cybercrime, 2019

PaCCs Policy Briefings

  • Transforming Research into Technology: Innovation for Defence and Security, 2016
  • Open source data: ethical & regulatory considerations, 2016
  • Innovation challenges in cybersecurity, 2015
  • Responsible Research and Development: The Ethics of Dangerous Science, 2016
UK Research Map

UK Research Map Archive

Conflict, Crime and Security Research Centres in the UK (excel spreadsheet)

Research Map 2021 (Prezi presentation)