N8 PRP Launches Annual Report 2021

by | Mar 14, 2022 | 0 comments

N8 PRP reports on the events, research, impact and achievements of its first year as a self-funded partnership.

Read N8 PRP’s Annual Report 2020/21. 

In October 2020, N8 Policing Research Partnership became a self-funded partnership. The decision by police and academic partners to invest in the partnership showed their commitment to evidence-based policing, and their belief that N8 PRP provided the partnership needed to create collaboration and impact.

The report, covering October 2020-December 2021, shows that this commitment has been rewarded by a wealth of targeted research, thought-provoking events, and meaningful change to police, practice, and the field of policing research. 

“The N8 PRP is an example par excellence of…collaboration in action.” 

Professor Paul Taylor, National Chief Scientific Officer for Policing

With a foreword from Professor Paul Taylor, National Chief Scientific Officer for Policing, the report highlights findings and recommendations from research, discussions at 2021’s Policing Innovation Forum, and the impact of N8 PRP-funded work. 

The commitment of N8 PRP partners continues: in February 2021, all partners agreed to continue funding the partnership until September 2024, and in June Cleveland Police joined N8 PRP. This stability and reach gives us the opportunity to build on the achievements so far, and create a sustainable future for the partnership. With forthcoming reports from Small Grants, PhDs, and Knowledge Exchange Internships, 4 new Small Grant projects beginning in April, the launch of the NRiPN (New Researchers in Policing Network), and planning for events well underway, 2022 promises to deliver on that opportunity. 

The Annual Report 2020/21 is also available on the Reports page.