Launch of Manifesto to Prevent Gender Based Violence: A 10 Year Vision

by | Jul 8, 2024 | 0 comments

Academics from Durham University and University of Central Lancashire have launched a 10 year vision on how to prevent gender-based violence.

The manifesto, copied below, aims to influence the UK policy agenda on preventing gender-based violence, with the ambition of making fundamental changes to norms, attitudes, and responses to gender-based violence within the next decade. 

The manifesto was developed from the input of academics, practitioners, policy makers and victim-survivors attending a two-day conference ‘How can we prevent gender-based violence? A 10-year vision’ in Leeds, March 2024. The conference was funded by the British Academy with support from the N8 Policing Research Partnership and the Vulnerability and Policing Futures Research Centre. 

The manifesto was authored by Dr Charlotte Barlow (UCLAN), Professor Christine Barter (UCLAN), Professor Catherine Donovan (Durham University) and Professor Nicole Westmarland (Durham University). 

The N8 PRP supported the conference session on Criminal Justice Responses. The manifesto calls for urgent reform to implement a victim-survivor centred approach to criminal justice, emphasising perpetrator accountability. The authors specify this reform must address the implications of the crisis of prison overcrowding, early release and probation and court backlogs are cited as needed to be addressed. In addition, the authors say this reform requires greater understanding of the ways in which the criminal justice system harms marginalised and minoritised victim-survivors and offenders.

Dr Charlotte Barlow, one of the principal authors of the manifesto, said; 

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with colleagues from CRIVA Durham and others across the sector to develop this manifesto for change. There is a clear shared commitment from academics, practitioners and policy makers to end violence and abuse and to do this we all need to work together. I hope this manifesto, along with the other great ones we have seen over the last few weeks, will help with this aim”.

Download the Manifesto to Prevent Gender-Based Violence: A 10-Year Vision.